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Transmitter Enclosure Box

Product Image (AM TC 01)

FRP Single Transmitter Canopy

Price: 2000-4500 INR/Piece

Salient Features: * Protects from rain, moisture, over head leakages & sudden impact. * Light weight * Easy to handle * Zero maintenance * Available in different shapes to suite the site conditions * Fire retardant (Optional)

Product Image (AM EN 02)

FRP Instrument Protection Box

Price: 6500 INR/Piece

Salient Features: * Protects valuable Instruments (viz: Analyser, I/P Converter, Mass-Flow Meter, Single Pressure Transmitter, Differential Pressure Transmitter etc.) from Ultra - Violet rays, Moisture, Leakage & Sudden impact. * Can be used as a sunshade. * Customized inbuilt colors. * Lightweight & easy to install. * Zero maintenance. * IP - 65 approved.


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